Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Relief- Finally Some Good News!

Sorry for the delay- this has been an overwhelming few weeks, but we've finally received some news we think we can handle.  Last Saturday, we went back to the neurologist to do a nerve test.  Before the doctor started the test, he let me ask all of the questions I wanted to and I DEFINITELY took advantage of that!  My first question was all about MS- I wanted to know the probablility of this and when we would know for sure.  He reassured me that he was 95% sure that this was a thyroid issue, but he just has to cover all the bases.  He said at this point, there was not a definitive test we could give DH b/c only a spinal tap could give those answers and if it WAS MS, then this would be too early to tell.  So... I did feel better about everything after that conversation.  DH then proceeded with the test and found that there was no nerve damage- which was GREAT news!!!  He again reassured us, he was fairly certain that this was a thyroid issue and that we would monitor DH with a series of MRI's every 3 months for this year.

We felt pretty good, but of course it would have been nice to hear "I know 100% that you do not have MS."  We took it and ran because it was better than the alternative.  We thought we were done with that office until the next MRI, but we were incorrect.  The doctor called us early this past week to make an appt to go over bloodwork.  Clearly, that made us nervous because most of our doctors have been giving us results over the phone.  We worried about it all week, but were fortunate enough to get a weekend appointment yesterday.  After much anxiety and worry, we entered his office.  He came in and did the typical doctor chit-chat and then got out all of the blood results.  We braced ourselves for more bad news:

"Looks like you are gluten intolerant."  Oh, great!  So not only are we going to receive bad news today, but on top of it, now we've got to completely change DH's diet!  But.... then the doctor explained that this was the ONLY thing wrong with all of the blood work.  It seems like the lesions on DH's brain are most likely from a gluten intolerance!  Which means, he's fine!  Dr. said that DH would need 1 more MRI in April just to check it out, but he's pretty confident!

As an added bonus, the change to the gluten-free diet will not be so bad for us (well, mostly DH).  Because of my PCOS, my RE put me on a low-carb diet.  Most of the meals I have been cooking are already gluten free (I was completely unaware to that fact until today), and after talking to the dietician at the local grocery store, I found all the things I need to substitute some of DH's favorite carbies!  DH has never been one to eat healthy, so I think this could be a great change for him!  He's happy, I'm happy... it's certainly been a while since we could say that!

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  1. Yea! I just started becoming gluten free in the new year as my Natropath suggested I try that as there are links between gluten intolerance and miscarriage. I'm super happy your DH's tests came back fine.