TTC Stats

June 2009: Married DH
October 2010:  DH starts testosterone for low test.
November 2010: No More Birth Control Pills!
March-September 2011:  Actively TTC
September 2011:  DH SA #1- NO SPERM!:(
September 2011:  DH gets off testosterone
September 2011:  DH appointment with Endocrinologist- everything normal
October 2011:  DH appointment with Urologist- "doesn't look good"
October 2011:  DH bloodwork- low testosterone (duh!), CF negative (yahoo!), Prolactin normal, Karaotype normal, everything is working..... except no sperm (WTF is wrong then?)
October 2011:  SA #2- NO SPERM:(
October 2011:  AuntieA referred to RE to check everything out
December 2011:  RE diagnoses AuntieA with PCOS (boo!). Low carb diet!
December 2011:  DH put on HCG injections to start (hopefully) sperm production
December 2011:  DH referred to neurologist to rule out cancer/pituitary tumor
January 2012:  DH's brain MRI shows no cancer/tumor (yay!!!)  MRI does show white matter on brain
January 2012:  DH takes nerve test to assess damage to nerves, possibly MS
January 2012:  Neurologist does not believe it to be MS, but rather a gluten intolerance and untreated thyroid damage.  Follow up MRI scheduled for April.
March 2012:  SA #3