Monday, March 26, 2012

RE Results

DH and I had our much anticipated RE consultation last Monday. I don't know why I was so nervous- I knew we couldn't receive worse information than the last visit (I mean, it was zero last time!). RE was super excited about DH's results! I tried to act giddy when he said he wanted us to come back in 2 months for another SA and hopefully have enough for an IUI round in June. But really, as ungrateful as it may seem (and believe me, I am grateful and know our prognosis is soooooooooo much better now) I was trying to fight back the lump in my throat. I know, I know... What's 2 more months when I've been waiting 14? But I have just come to the conclusion that I won't rest easy or believe anything is good news until I am pregnant... really pregnant... like 7 months pregnant.

This has caused some frustrations between DH and me. He is understandably ecstatic about the news! He feels such a sense of relief and I am so glad he is able to feel those feelings! He is just a bit annoyed that I can be "bouncing off the walls excited" like he is. Just this past weekend he was finally opening up to the idea that it's ok that we have different feelings about this journey. But I promise I will bounce off the walls with excitement when/if we get pregnant!!


  1. Just wanted to say hi, I'm a fellow IF'er dealing with PCOS and azoo. I hope these next couple of months pass quickly for you!

  2. Dropping in to say hi. I am also dealing with PCOS. I completely understand what you mean about waiting...rationally it seems like 2 months isn't a long time, but I feel like when you are TTC every day feels more like 3. Best of luck to you!

    ICLW #86

  3. I hope the time goes quickly for you. We are also waiting and waiting with azoospermia and your blog makes me smile. I hope everything continues to improve for you!