Friday, March 16, 2012


I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but DH has sperm!! Not much, but it's there... It's real! DH went in for his 3 month check up since starting the hcg injections. The results showed that he had 16 million sperm, but only 1 million were useable. We go in for a consultation with the RE on Monday. This is the best news I've heard in 6 months!!!!


  1. Yay!!!!!!! I'm so glad the treatments worked for him and he has some usable sperm (that won't have to be microsurgically aspirated)!

  2. Hi from ICLW. That is fantastic news! My husband is also getting hCG and hMG injections. Last time we checked, there wasn't any sperm, but we're hopeful we'll get some by next month when we have another SA. Wishing you and your husband the best of luck moving forward!!

  3. Hello from ICLW!! That is GREAT news! It's so nice to hear SOMETHING good when it seems like we're fighting uphill all the time! My husband's first SA was good, it was 40million per ML, and then he started taking a crap load of vitamins, just to be more healthy- a couple years later (this january actually) he had another SA done and it soared to 266 million per ML. Yeah, I about fainted. I'm going to be doing a blog soon about the vitamins he takes- it's not a gimmick, he actually gets most of them from the dollar tree- he is super frugal, lol. Anyways, I hope and pray you continue to get good news and I look forward to following your journey!!


  4. Yay! It's always great to get good news!

  5. Congrats on the good news! Sounds like the HCG injections are doing their job!

    ICLW #61

  6. You give me hope. We found out my husband has azoospermia in December and are waiting for the rest of his genetic tests to see the fertility clinic's urologist. My husband has very low testosterone. I'll be following your journey!

    1. Thanks for reading! My husband has super low T too. He hasn't had it retested since he started taking his hcg injections, but I really think that has gone up too. I'm sure you already know this (we didn't and wished someone had told us) but men who want to conceive should not be put on testosterone- not saying your husband is, I just remember being so upset bc we didn't know that. Good luck to you and your husband!!

  7. I definitely am hoping for hcg or clomid for him. He's 43 and we don't feel like time is on our side right now. We're still waiting for genetic results and to see the urologist and I really can't wait now that I see your update!

    Were there any side effects for him?

  8. He is a bit more irritable since taking hcg. He has more chest hair/back hair (awesome, I know;). He had a hard time sleeping at first but that has subsided. Really, besides those effects he feels all around better! I don't know if your husband's low T affects his energy but it really affected his. Since taking the injections he has felt way more energetic and has gotten off of some of his depression meds.